Q : How many real apples goes into every cup of your Tree Top apple juice?
A : Approximately every cup  of Tree Top apple juice (240cc) is made with 2 freshly squeezed apples.

Q : Can apple juice be used as a mixer?
A : Tree Top apple juices are considered the bartenders best friend. Not only they are used as natural sweeteners in recipes to make cooktails, mocktails, but it's also used in many recipes for stews and marinateds.

Q : How does Tree Top manage to supply the BEST apple juice year-round?
A : The apples are harvested during mid-September to December each year, and are stored in "controlled atmosphere" with reduced temperature and oxygen. This helps to maintain the freshness of the fruits for year-round juicing production.

Q : Is anything added to Tree Top juices?
A : All of our Tree Top 100% Juices are made with only natural apple juice with no added sugar, artificial colouring, sweeteners or chemical preservatives. Also all our Fruit Infused Teas, Fresh Pressed and Functional Juices are produces with the same ethics.

Q : What is a "Nactar"?
A : In the beverage industry, a "Nectar" is a drink with a percentage of juice lower than 100% . In practice when concentrate is used to reconstitued the juice.