What we do

Brand Creation

Just as language changes from country to country, so do consumer preferences. Being a company that operates in a wide range of cultures and countries, BABI has the facilities and experience to create custom concepts and formulas for both beverages and snacks. Our in-house food scientists are constantly innovating and finding new approaches for new products, while our marketing team focuses on brand creation and management. Together they create tastes and stories attractive to our target markets and consumers.


Every member of the BABI marketing team is both a university graduate and fluent in at least two languages. We have previous work experience in companies such as McDonald’s, Warner Brothers, Ritz Carlton, Philip Morris and DYR. As seasoned international marketing professionals, they know that just translating ad copy isn’t enough, so all of our bi-lingual advertising and packaging is actually “localized” and takes into account the cultural nuance of the message and image which our brands and products strive to convey in a given market.


From first-hand facility inspections and arranging QC and health audits, to shepherding multilingual packaging through complicated government approval procedures, BABI expertly handles each step of the manufacturing and delivery process. We currently oversee production at facilities in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the US.


BABI partners with the best, most professional distributors in each market, then works to complement their efforts with competitive analysis, on-time delivery, effective sell-in, marketing, training, and even trade shows. BABI distribution partners around Asia, Europe and North America are considered a wider extension of the BABI family, and our long-term relationships with them are one of the keys to our success in markets around the world.