Walkers trademarks represent superior quality

Walkers is housed in a small village in the heart of Scotland's beautiful Aberlour Speyside Highlands, and has been producing the world's best oat biscuits for more than a hundred years.

Joseph Walkers founded the Walkers in 1898, and his great-grandsons continue to use traditional recipes to make the best products. In fact, the founder's personal insistence is still on every product, that the products of Walkers use only the best ingredients.

The world's love of Walkers products means that the biscuits produced by Walkers are one of the best biscuits in Europe, made from a combination of the latest technology and traditional methods. Walkers is the only Scottish food manufacturer to win three Queen's Awards (Export Achievement Award and two annual UK Export Awards). Walkers still insist on baking only a small amount of biscuits at a time to maintain quality and classic flavors.


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