Natural taste without artificial flavors

Stash Tea was founded in 1972 in the state of Oregon, United States. Initially, Stash Tea offered natural floral tea materials from some of Oregon's local shops and restaurants. In 1975, Stash Tea began making tea bags and developed many natural flavors without artificial flavors. With everything from traditional tea to herbal tea, organic tea, as well as national tea varieties and tastes, Stash is a tea specialist.

Stash Tea won the AMERICAN Special Ingredients Excellence Award (NASFT) in 2000, reaffirming that Stash Tea is the highest quality tea. Stash Tea is currently sold in general supermarkets, coffee chains, healthy natural food stores, and high-end restaurants, and is one of the most popular brands in the United States.

The advantage of organic herbal tea is they have a variety of therapeutic effects, coupled with mild and non-irritating properties, which are ideal for everyday drinks. Long-term drinking can improve physical fitness, reduce discomfort, and build up physical and mental functions.

Flower tea is rich in vitamin B, C, E and other antioxidants, and even nourishes the skin. Regular consumption can make you radiant and refreshed. Some herbal teas act as a diuretic, promote improved metabolism, and help with weight management. Stash tea promotes health and wellness.

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